Let’s keep a “Bill” in Annapolis we can TRUST!




my service

Bill recognized early in life his calling to “serve” both his country and community when he joined the US Army at age 17 attending Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, SC, between his Junior and Senior years in high school at Gov. Thomas Johnson High School.  Bill returned from basic training, serving in the US Army Reserves and completed his senior year, electing to serve his country on active duty in the US Army Military Police Corps, instead of attending college right away.  During his military service (1989-2001), Bill attended college courses and was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, serving in the Far East, Middle East and the United States.  Bill also served in several capacities including as a member of the Military Police Special Reaction Team (SWAT) at Site “Raven Rock”, more commonly known as the “Underground Pentagon.”  Bill is a graduate of military leadership development courses, earned his “wings” at the Army’s “Air Assault” training course, as well as being trained as one of the Army’s elite, Infantry Snipers!

What more can you ask of Bill as an outstanding individual. If you agree, then join me in keeping a "Bill" in Annapolis you can trust.